A touch of madness

My love, can I separate? My longing from myself-
My incessant desire from the corporeal
My reality is a clamor of sights and sensations-
That you have left behind

The chalice of my lucidity brims over
The wine of union dissipates on the ashen marble floor
My passion reaches its pinnacle
I fear, there isn’t enough of you, for me to hold

Not enough of you to taste, not enough to satiate
Your taste that still lingers on the edge on my tongue
A sweet remembrance, a deeply bitter aftertaste
Of the madness of that one kiss

That one kiss, with which, I have kissed you
A hundred million times
The kiss that blurs fantasy from certainty
And paints with colors of emerald green, and sapphire blue

You are things all, you always were
And through ages, I have called you by different names
Though no name lilits-
Quite like the one I most say these days

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