I felt we spoke, for days at times
A spell weaved over space and time
As I glanced at you, for the last time
I felt the embers die in your eyes

We talked of fear, and of love
Of buried oceans of lust and scorn
How the moon wanes and the silence screams
Of how we have no tales to knit

Of the thousand dreams, that now lay dead
Of starry skies with no secrets held
To beautify this sadness, bone deep
A sin, oh sin, so cardinally sweet

Of aches, so potent, so ripe for reap
The lies, deceit that men speak
Gashes that bleed, only skin deep
Lovers of a different breed

And I stared so hard, in eyes, so deep
Ages passed, Empires fell
As I discovered the universe you held
In each tear that you ever shed

I feel so lost, in you, so much
As I pull you close and kiss your soul
Oh, seashell, my seashell, my breeze so sweet
The sounds of the waves yours to keep

And I glance slyly, at you, so close
I feel both your heat and your mirth
Eyes that tinkle, lips that quaver
My seashell, how the waves spur

Lost in you, I find myself
A journey to where the world ends
There you and I, we begin anew
The sights and smell of Déjà vu

My seashell, craft tales, of love afresh
New secrets to lace the starry realms,
Of a thousand dreams, now resurrected
The fire in your eyes, reinvigorated

For I’ll find you in a daydream so real
Pull you close, smear your kohl
And speak to you of things serene sweet
And seal your lips with a lover’s kiss

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