Wouldn’t it be better to let go?
What good is reminiscing, mi amore
When all is lost, more misplaced
This Sisyphean task of holding on

September rolls, fall knocks on the door
Would it be so wrong to relive once more
In agonizing detail, to recall
Your sound, your touch, your taste, and sorts

This little declivity on the mattress on my bed
Where the absence lies, deadly still
And each poem is more of the same
The theme repeats, a farce, a shame

For if ever there was a law of diminishing return
You move on and on, and I’m stuck and stuck
With so much out on paper, cursed in ink
This heart still weighs heavy, flutters in grief

Say, do you still call out my name
Whisper it soft, or utter it aloud by mistake
Does it melt on tip of your tongue
Is it as heavy to swallow, as is yours?

I do say yours often too
Far too often, far too soon
In the worst of places, at the worst of times
With nothing to lose, more go missing each day

When the first leaf dies, remember, my love
And when the frost settles, remember, my love
May we meet, in another life, another place
There too, you take, as much as you can

What is love, my love
Was it not the tremble in your voice?
What is love, my love
If not the impunity, with which you take


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